Electronic instrumentation has always been a core business activity for Sutech. Indeed the roots of the company are in this area although other sectors have grown in importance, we continue to offer a wide range of specialised products and services.


Sutech PLCs are widely used in industrial processes where robustness and reliability are paramount. Programming and support are essential parts of the comprehensive package that Sutech offer. We have experience with a variety of different systems, such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, Telemechanique and Omron - Sutech is also an approved Mitsubishi Systems Integrator. With expertise across various systems, we can select the best one for your project, or adapt to other systems you may require.


Process control is an essential element in most manufacturing businesses. If your process control equipment fails, your production line could stop. It is therefore vital to have reliable proven technology. Sutech has experience of providing leading UK enterprises with process control equipment, so you can trust in the product and service we will deliver.

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