The design of linear circuits is a core expertise of Sutech. Our knowledge covers microcontrollers (including PIC, Atmel and others), embedded microprocessors including 8 and 16 bit families (68K, Z80, 8051, 80196), cables and harnesses, enclosures and panels.


Our expertise in software design covers a wide range of disciplines, from Embedded C and C++. Assembler, and PC based software using Delphi or Microsoft C++. We are capable of producing a wide range of specialist software and are always developing our skill sets, so if you are looking for something specific then please let us know.


Using the right tools and methods is essential for efficient and cost effective design. Future modifications and upgrades can be a nightmare if designs are not created using industry standard methods. We use a variety of tools to ensure we can meet your expectations, including: Orcad Scematic Capture, AutoCAD, Delphi, and Microsoft C++, for instance.


Today's hardware designer is faced with a bewildering array of technologies which can be utilised in electronic products. Choosing the right one can have significant effects on development and unit costs making the difference between success and failure. Product life cycle costs can be reduced by suitable choices of processors and other ICs but keeping up with the changes is tough. Unless you are working in the field every day it is easy to miss a new IC or design technique which can positively affect your next product. Sutech is "plugged in" to the design world always on the lookout for innovation which can be useful in a new design.

We are experts in understanding your requirements and bringing them to life. At Sutech we believe communication is key to a successful project, and work hard to ensure that we communicate regularly throughout the process, from understanding requirements and project management, through to the implementation phase and beyond.

To get in touch please call us on 01380 738950, email us, or use the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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