Personal Fault Code Reader for OBDII & EOBD Diagnostics

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The GUNSON PFCR1 is the logical choice for every technician to have in his toolbox. Fast and easy to use, just plug the 16 pin connector into the vehicles OBDII / EOBD socket and press the button to read the code, to delete the code just press and hold the button until the code disappears, its as simple as that.

The PFCR1 will read all the standard OBDII and the European EOBD codes* and where applicable it will show P, U & C codes.

The PFCR1 can be supplied in its own plastic carry case or ready for your own packaging, we can also brand the PFCR1 with your company name and logo.

Handset 4.1 inches long (10.5cm)
2.3 inches wide (6.0cm)
1.1 inches deep (2.8cm) Cable (including plug) 22 inches (56cm)
Weight 3.88 ounces (110 grams)

Made in the UK *Except CAN protocol

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